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Education Minister Cynthia Tucker announced today at the Yukon Innovation Summit that the Yukon government and the National Research Council are partnering to develop and implement a Yukon Innovation Action Plan in consultation with Yukon innovators, business, local agencies, governments and First Nations. Property Valuation Services are developing the Yukon Innovation Action Plan to help improve business opportunities in the territory through innovation, Encouraging research and development and innovation among small and medium sized businesses in the Yukon will enhance their profitability and have a positive impact on the Yukon economy.

Innovation is about putting new ideas to work in our businesses and having a skilled workforce that can use the new ideas, market the new ideas and generate economic activity, Yukoners have a unique opportunity to be innovative and develop new ideas targeted primarily to the north but that can also be applied to southern Canada and the rest of the circumpolar north. Work began on the Yukon Innovation Action plan last year when the Yukon government asked Yukoners to provide information on what innovations and inventions they had developed.

The Yukon Innovation Inventory identified more than 81 innovators and inventors. Yukon’s efforts are also part of a national innovation strategy to enhance innovation in all economic sectors and communities throughout the nation to improve Canada’s economic advantage in the global economy. The Yukon Innovation Summit will give participants an opportunity to share ideas and recommendations on Yukon and Canada’s innovation challenges and priorities.The results of the Summit will help shape a national action plan on innovation. WHITEHORSE – A new $220,000 fire truck was officially handed over to the Golden Horn Volunteer Fire Department by the Yukon Government in a community event Wednesday. By providing top-notch equipment that effectively meets the needs of the community, we’re helping to give our firefighters every advantage we can so that they can do their job safely and efficiently.